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Draft Stopper - Winter Weather Draft Stoppers | Nantucket Bound Personalized & Plain Sunbrella Draft Stoppers - A Variety of Colors to Choose From | Nantucket Bound Holiday Draft Stopper - Winter Weather Draft Stoppers | Nantucket Bound
Draft Stopper Basic
Price for 30" $24.95

Custom Draft Stopper
Price for 30" $28.95

Holiday Draft Stopper
Price for 30" $27.95

Draft Stopper to Block Drafts From Windows & Doors | Nantucket Bound

Window and Door Draft Stoppers

When winter rolls around, your house is bound to get drafty. Keep your house warm and snug with our high-quality window and door draft stoppers. Each door draft guard acts as an under-door seal that prevents cold air from slipping through the cracks. Our draft blockers also work well to seal windows so no cold comes in. Nantucket Bound draft guards are made from thick, durable fabric filled with dry sand to keep them from blowing away in the wind. Simply tuck the door draft blocker against the bottom of the door and enjoy a relaxing night in front of the fireplace. For a personalized touch, you can order a custom draft blocker with your choice of text printed on the front. We also sell holiday-themed draft stoppers for a touch of winter cheer.

Based in New England, Nantucket Bound is dedicated to giving customers across the U.S. a taste of the ocean lifestyle. For a customized door snake, select your chosen color and design and type in the text that you'd like to add. These draft stoppers also make a great gift during the holiday season for friends and loved ones who have cold, drafty houses.