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Sturdy Canvas Firewood Log Carrier - Unique Coastal Decor | Nantucket Bound Firewood Or Log Carrier, Heavy Canvas, Sling Style | Nantucket Bound Water Resistant Firewood & Log Carrier - Unique Coastal Decor | Nantucket Bound

New England Tote Firewood Carrier

Prep your fireplace with the Nantucket Bound firewood carrier.

The Nantucket Bound firewood carrying bag features heavy-duty canvas with reinforced stitching at the handles. The thick canvas holds logs up to 22 inches long, so you can load up the fireplace in one trip. For extra protection, our carrying bag offers 1.5'' webbing that covers the length of the canvas. Choose from four different trim colors to make your Nantucket Bound firewood bag match your home decor.

New England Firewood Carrier Sling

Haul your heaviest logs inside with the Nantucket Bound wood carrier. Our wood carrying sling features a thick, heavy-duty canvas that supports the logs without splitting down the middle. Reinforced fabric handles make it easy to carry your wood to the stove or fireplace. When you place your order, you can choose from four different trim styles to customize your log carrier and holder. We sew the trim around the entire canvas so it supports the bottom of the bag and adds extra protection.

To load your wood carrier, open the bag and lie it flat on the ground, then pile your logs in the center. The open sides allow you to carry logs of various lengths. When your carrier gets wet or dirty, you can toss it in the washing machine. Store your carrier indoors in a cool, dry area away from weather and moisture. We chose a heavy canvas for its strength and durability, but taking care of your bag increases its longevity.

Nantucket Heavy-Duty Water-Resistant Firewood Carrier Tote

Carry heavy logs to the fireplace with a Nantucket Bound water-resistant firewood tote. The thick nylon fabric supports heavy loads of chopped firewood without splitting or tearing around the handles. For extra support, the trim surrounds the entire canvas and features reinforcement on areas with excess strain. Store your heavy-duty wood tote indoors to protect it from the elements, then haul it outside when it's time to light your fireplace.

The Nantucket Bound wood carrying tote comes with a water-resistant lining that prevents water from collecting at the bottom. As a result, you can haul firewood on snowy days without worrying about the bag splitting apart. Choose your favorite trim color when you place your order, then select an optional monogram for extra customization. Wood carriers make a great housewarming gift and are a necessity for your vacation home.


Firewood Carriers and Slings

There’s something about a roaring fireplace that just makes a space feel incredibly cozy. Unfortunately, dealing with messy, splinter-prone firewood can be a hassle. Our firewood carriers are a great way to make transporting logs easy while cutting down on the mess! Our log carriers are available in tote or sling styles to fit your needs. If you find yourself collecting long logs, then you’ll need our firewood sling, which is extra long and doesn’t have any sides so you can fit those bigger pieces.

We make our canvas log carriers with a heavy-weight canvas and handles that are sewn all the way around the carrier with reinforced stitching. We do this because we want our wood carriers to be so durable they will last season after season. Our wood carriers also double as fireplace log holders, so once you need to refill, simply grab it and go! Get your firewood carrier here at Nantucket Bound and make hauling wood much easier.