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Nantucket Bound Beach Pillow with Terry Back & Sunbrella Front | Nantucket Bound

Outdoor Beach Throw Pillows

Have you ever lounged on the beach and wished that you had a pillow for extra comfort? You can't bring a regular house pillow — it'll get wet and dirty in a matter of minutes and smell like ocean water until you throw it in the wash. Fortunately, our Sunbrella beach pillows keep you comfortable on the beach without ruining an expensive pillow. These pillows are made from water-resistant fabric that can stand up to rain, lake water, ocean water, spilled drinks and more. You can take your pillow to the beach, place it on your boat or simply leave it on the porch so you can sit outside and enjoy the famous April showers.

Our outdoor beach throw pillows come in a variety of fun, relaxing colors that complement your decor. These colors also go well together if you want to buy multiple pillows. Each decorative beach-themed outdoor pillow features a single-color background with a white icon on the front. You can choose from a variety of nautical illustrations, including sand dollars, sailboats, lobsters, seahorses and anchors. For extra customization, you can choose a different color for your illustration.

If you're looking for a personalized gift, you can add your choice of text to these waterproof pillows for the beach. Simply select a font and type in the personalized text that you want to add to your pillow. Popular options include the family's last name or the name of their fishing boat. You could even add a short joke or a catchy slogan. At Nantucket Bound, we use high-quality fabrics and clean stitches to offer a quality, long-lasting gift.