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Custom Rod Covers - Sizes 64", 74" Or 86" Available | Nantucket Bound Non-Skid Cooler Keepers - Game-Fishing Accessories | Nantucket Bound Rod Tether - Game-Fishing Accessories | Nantucket Bound
Non-Skid Cooler Keepers
Price for Small $13.95

Rod Tether
Price $31.00
Nantucket Bound Trolling Drift Chute - Game-Fishing Accessories | Nantucket Bound Rigging Kit Bag - Game-Fishing Accessories | Nantucket Bound Knife Sheath - Game-Fishing Accessories | Nantucket Bound
Trolling / Drift Chute
Price for 18" $38.00

Rigging Kit Bag
Price for Blue Mesh Kit Bag $27.00
Knife Sheath
Price for 4 Pocket $17.00
One-Piece Regular Rod & Reel Cover - Game-Fishing Accessories | Nantucket Bound One-Piece Stand-Up Rod & Reel Cover - Game-Fishing Accessories | Nantucket Bound
One-Piece Regular Rod & Reel Cover
Price for #30 $24.75

One-Piece Stand-Up Rod & Reel Cover
Price for #30 $23.75


Game-Fishing Equipment and Accessories

Make those eventful fishing days easier with game-fishing equipment from Nantucket Bound. From fishing bags to reel covers and other saltwater fishing accessories, our selection will keep you organized and your goods protected. As your boat charges through choppy water, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your reels are safe or a cooler sliding around. Our game-fishing supplies are made with all your concerns in mind. A non skid mat prevents objects from sliding and is treated to prevent mold, bacteria and odor. Our covers and bags are made with water-resistant fabric as well as UV-blocking and salt-resistant materials. Shop game-fishing accessories here and focus more on the thrill of fishing!

Frequently Asked Questions About Game-Fishing Accessories

What do you use for saltwater fishing?

For a successful fishing trip, you'll need equipment specifically made for saltwater fishing. This could include rigs, rods and reels, knives, coolers and other essentials. If you prefer slow trolling, you might need to invest in a trolling chute. Everyone has a different setup, but one thing never changes — you'll need a way to store and secure your equipment on the boat.

What saltwater fishing accessories do I need?

A rigging kit bag is one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal. If you don't have a way to store your rigging tools and equipment, you could lose pieces or find that they've been damaged when you try to use them. A good rigging kit bag comes with multiple pockets for large tools like pliers and wires as well as small equipment like needles and floss. You'll also need a rod and reel cover to protect your rod when it's not in use. Without a cover, you might risk exposing your rod to the elements. For good knife safety, invest in a knife sheath that can hold all your tools at once. This reduces the chance that you'll misplace your knives and keeps them out of the reach of other people.

What kind of game-fishing equipment do you carry?

We carry saltwater game-fishing essentials that you can store with the rest of your supplies. This includes rod and reel covers that protect your rod from sunlight, bad weather, saltwater and other forms of exposure. We also carry personalized rod covers that have the name of your boat and your chosen logo printed on the front. These covers are lined with soft fabric to protect your rod when it's not in use. Other products include rigging kit bags that hold all your essentials and knife sheaths that can hold four or six knives at once. We also carry rod tethers, trolling chutes and non-skid pads for coolers.